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Jesus First

There are so many things going on in life. We jam our schedules FULL of activities and things to do. My family is guilty as well — I will be at the baseball field again tonight making it 3 nights in a row and it’s only Thursday. With spring break, March Madness, cheering championships and graduation right around the corner, we all feel the pressure.

So, it would probably be appropriate to write about cutting back, taking time off, making sure we have balance in our schedules but I’m not going to do that. If I did, we would adjust for a little while but in another month we would be back in the same situation. But I’m going to put a different spin, keep it all! Be involved, be active, but in all that you do be an example for Christ.

Be sure to fill your life with Jesus first and then everywhere you are, He will use you in ways that you never imagined. God has given us an amazing gift in His Son and it should be evident that He is leading us in every way. Jesus is so many things: healer, teacher, builder, bread of life, the way, truth, good shepherd, Son of God & Savior.

With all the good that fills our lives, we must be sure that Jesus is #1. He made us His first priority when He was willing to become human in order to lay His life down as a sacrifice for our salvation. And please understand we aren’t doing Him any favors by committing to follow Him, it is we who owe Him everything!

As your schedule remains crammed, keeping Jesus at the forefront makes every day important and gives us purpose beyond ourselves! And as Palm Sunday, Good Friday & Easter quickly approach, may you experience the resurrection power more than ever before!

Aaron Olinski
Lead Pastor, Grace Church Melbourne