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The Wonder of Christmas

Christmas Service Melbourne FloridaThis is such an incredible time of year! People getting ready for Christmas, all the decorations, lots of amazing food and there is joy in the air. The wonder of Christmas is felt by everyone who celebrates the birth of Jesus.

My family loves to bring recognition to Christ in our home and one of the ways we do that is by putting lights on the outside of our house. Well, truth be told, I could go without the lights because it’s my job to put them up! And I don’t look forward to that all year long because I almost fell of the roof a few years back. So now, I just try to survive that part, but I still do it because it brings joy to everyone who sees them and my wife thinks it makes the house look great.

With all of the wonder of Christmas, it always causes me to reflect on that fact that Joseph and Mary had wonder as well. Certainly, with the birth of God’s Son, but when you add to that the angelic encounters, God-given dreams, prophetic encouragement — they must have been overwhelmed!

But unfortunately, this a tough time of year for some. Those who have lost a family member or are struggling with financial pressures or feel lonely because they are away from home. Despite those feelings, my hope and prayer is that you are able to reflect on the goodness of God and what He has done to carry you through. In doing so, may you rekindle or recapture The Wonder of celebrating the birth of our Savior.

Jesus truly is The Son of God and the joy that a new life in Him brings cannot be extinguished.

Remember the true meaning of Christmas is because “The Savior, yes, The Messiah, The Lord has been born!”

Merry Christmas!

Aaron Olinski
Lead Pastor
Grace Church Melbourne